Hence: Pence

With the President’s popularity plummeting, the GOP agenda on life support, Team Trump has quietly circulated talking points for an “Urgent Pre-Planning Action Strategy” that would facilitate transfer of authority to VP Mike Pence.

No formal documents exist as yet, but Bratbreit has learned that advisers and staff closest to the President — informally known as the “Trump Whisperers” — have prepared notes to construct an acceptable scenario to present to the public in the event that the President leaves office prior to the end of his 4-year term. Notes address the following concerns:

  • Early departure must be framed as the President’s initiative for personal reasons (to be developed), not as a result of outside political pressure.
  • Timing is crucial. Transfer is a last resort, to deploy only under circumstances where threats to the GOP agenda (specifically Budget, repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and national security initiatives) became overwhelmingly probable, and where the President’s role detracts from rather than enhances chances of achievement.
  • An agreed-upon roster of advisers and staff impacted by a transfer must be developed and accepted by all parties involved, mandating those who remain and those who depart.
  • Media will be addressed by one agreed-upon source, to whom all questions are directed, and whose authority to represent The White House will be firmly established. It is unlikely that any current spokespersons will assume this role.
  • Throughout the transfer, the President’s Twitter account will be taken off line.

Fay Canoes, Managing Editor of The Bratbreit Group, emphasizes that no firm plan currently exists, and that items reported here are restatements of hand-written notes shared with her by White House sources.



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  1. Edgar Allen Podunk, Goth Hick

    Hmmmmm. And then he announces that his son-in-law will lead a hand-picked committee to essentially re-boot the Federal government from top to bottom. After that — his work here is DONE.

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