Salesman Of The Year, Part 2

A memo that started as a lighthearted attempt at humor at the White House has reportedly infuriated the President, perhaps inspiring Saturday’s wiretapping tweets.

The unsigned memo, entitled “Salesman of the Year,” noted that every time President Donald Trump tweets or announces his displeasure with the media, subscriptions at the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, etc., experience an upward spike. A link was provided to a Fortune Magazine news article providing data.

The memo suggested that the President receive recognition by the industry as “Salesman Of the Year,” and honored at the upcoming White House Correspondents’ Dinner in April. (President Trump has already made public his disdain for both the event and its participants, and will not attend.) White House aide Brent Ashburn confirmed that the memo had circulated the office the week before the President dashed off his Saturday tweets concerning former President Obama’s alleged Trump Towers wiretapping.

Speaking confidentially to the Bratbreit Group, several White House aides confirm that the memo, never out of draft form, found its way to the President’s desk, where it was evidently taken seriously, resulting in what one witness terms a “full-blown, red-faced, paper-throwing tantrum.” It was unclear, even after 15 minutes and reassurances from all parties that the memo was in jest, that the President was either convinced or even moderately mollified.

“There is nothing lacking in the President’s sense of humor,” Ashburn assured us. “And he knows — usually — the difference between real and fake news. This just caught him at a bad moment.”

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