Win Win

Lost in the frenzied fake news reports launched against the President-elect and shrill denouncements of Russian interference in the election is any realistic review of the beneficial impact of both on American voters.

Trump & Putin

The transition team’s Brent Ashburn,  in an exclusive interview with Bratbreit, encouraged “putting this [Russian interference] in historical and international perspective” which recognizes (1) that the US has conducted similar manipulations of other nations’ elective processes “dozens of times” in the 20th century alone, particularly in South and Central America, and (2) such management isn’t necessarily hostile as it is beneficial to the greater world community.

“One reason President-elect Trump hesitated to acknowledge Russian involvement is he didn’t want to belabor the obvious, that both Russian leadership  and the American public agreed that Hilary Clinton’s presidency would nurture a more hostile and dangerous environment between the two nations, which benefits neither,” Ashburn explained.

So in a genuine sense, Russia did us all a favor?

“You could say that, although the election results, where Mr. Trump won 3,141 counties to Clinton’s 57, suggest that the American people had vehemently determined for themselves their preference for world leadership .”

So as far as the Trump team is concerned, it’s a non-issue?

“Exactly. The people have spoken, and we move ahead. We have a world to manage, here, and if Democrats and liberals can’t trust the American and Russian governments, find somewhere else to set up camp. Maybe South America?”

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  1. Cruz2020

    “Win-Win” with Russia and US governments? Sorry, folks, I didn’t vote for Big Government, let alone a partnership with Russia. Scary shit.

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