Yes They Need Some Education

In their abrupt reversal over gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics, House Republicans reveal themselves either as rudderless invertebrates lacking in commitment and principle, or educable (if excitable) soldiers submissive to authority.

reverse-courseBut in two confidential conversations with transition team members, Bratbreit concludes that members of the House, led by Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, were swayed by the direct intervention by President-elect Trump’s advisors who called committee members and essentially ordered them to stand down. Speaking on conditions of anonymity, two transition team members confirmed independently that the President-elect was displeased not only by the distraction the resolution had created, but the audacity of House Republicans to act on an initiative without clearing it through his office.

Paraphrasing: “Mr. Trump made it clear that in light of the overwhelming mandate his elevation to the presidency signals, he, not the Congress, will determine the nation’s agenda, including the timing of initiatives, and priority of actions. Established policies and procedures prior to his election are no longer automatically operative.”

Evidently the august members of the House, understandably eager to get started on Making America Great Again, have learned a lesson in protocol. Going forward, they will obey, as will the American people who selected their leader in November.