Monthly Archives: November 2016

Executive Order #1

While the Trump transition team lurches wildly from candidate to candidate in its search to fill top advisory and cabinet positions, there has been no ambiguity regarding the new President’s very first executive order.

guns“The very first Executive Order President Trump will sign directs the Department of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to take immediate steps to return all weapons confiscated by the government during the Obama regime,” Brent Ashburn, a spokesman for the campaign stated. “The ‘Confiscated Weapons Restoration Order’ has already been written, dated January 20th, 2017.”

Bratbreit has learned in a confidential interview that to ensure the endorsement of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its millions-strong membership, President-elect Trump agreed ast May to make this restoration of American citizens’ private property a priority. “The unprecedented and illegal confiscation of weapons as authorized by President Obama will be reversed as promptly as we can manage,” Ashburn promised. “There has been a terrible breach of justice that must be remedied.”

Pressed for details, Ashburn indicated that ATF officials would be ordered to create a comprehensive database of confiscated weapons in its possession, cross-referenced to owners’ identification, including names, social security numbers, emails, cell phone records, credit references, etc. “to preserve the integrity of the process.” When weapons and their owners are properly matched, ATF will “personally deliver, at government expense, all confiscated property as timely as possible.”

In addition, citizens whose weapons have been confiscated will be able to log into a web site established by ATF, monitored by Homeland Security to prevent hackers, to register for weapons restoration, track progress of the process, and report any irregularities. “We regard this as empowering the very citizens whose rights have been sorely violated over the last eight years,” Ashburn added, grimly. “And to send a signal to law-abiding sportsmen and citizens there’s a whole new management team that’s got their back. for a change.”